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5 Ways to Boost Body Confidence}

5 Ways to Boost Body Confidence

Posted on August 06, 2019
Empowerment, With Self

Our bodies are incredible. Just the fact that they keep us moving from day to day is amazing when you think about it.

So, why can one look in the mirror send our day from ‘whoa!’ to ‘oh no’? Many of us struggle to love the body we’re in. Thankfully, the positive body image movement is well underway, thanks to inspiring women like Taryn Brumfitt. She wants to change the way women look at their bodies - as so much more than just an ornament. We hear you, Taryn!

With that in mind, here are our 5 top tips for boosting your body confidence.

Make a list

Sounds a bit like school work, but stick with us. A list is one way of seeing on paper all the incredible things your body has done. How might your list look? Grown, birthed and fed children, run marathons, kept you strong, fit and healthy, fought off illness, allowed you to hike and climb mountains, master your downward dog. Put pen to paper or take notes in your phone. Get ready to see just how awesome you are.

Adopt affirmations

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. You don’t have to stick affirmations on your mirror either, though some women love looking at them each morning. Your challenge - find three phrases you can either write down or say like a bit of a mantra to help you to feel more positive about the body you’re in. The more you write or say these, the more you’ll start to believe them. We have real power over our thoughts, so regular practice can lead to a huge confidence boost. Think phrases like ‘I accept myself the way I am’ and ‘I treat myself kindly’. Amy Flowers, Ph.D., a spokesperson for the American Psychological Association, recommends this affirmation, ‘I can do anything I set my mind to.’ We love it!

Take a social media hiatus

Female self-esteem can be fragile at the best of times. And, if scrolling social media has you feeling down on yourself, delete the apps off your phone for a while. At the very least, take stock of the accounts you follow and delete any that make you feel bad about yourself. Life’s too short to let people we don’t even know impact our day like that. If cutting out social media completely feels too drastic, limit your exposure by setting daily limits. Then, reward yourself for sticking to them by treating yourself to a yoga session or taking a walk and cranking up your favourite podcast.

Reframe your negative thinking

Do you automatically go into negative self-talk mode when you’re with family and friends? Or, alone by yourself in front of the mirror? It’s all about perception and the way you look at things. Do you see a body that looks different after carrying children and long for your ‘pre-baby body’? Or, do you see a powerful, strong, inspiring body? Cut out weight conversations with family and friends if they only inspire negative thoughts. Weight is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. You’re better off focusing on having a healthy body, a relaxed relationship with food and being kind to yourself than obsessing over a ‘number’. 

Prioritise your body

Make your body a priority. Cook up some nourishing food and have an early night. Invest in lingerie that fits well and helps you feel sexy and confident. Soak in the bath or take a walk with a friend. Do something that helps you connect with your body. You’ve only got one, so treat it well and show it the respect it deserves.