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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what bra size I am?

Ladies, it is time to whip out the measuring tape and quickly take 2 simple measurements - one over and one under the bust (keep your bra on when doing this!). You can then convert your measurements using our size chart. Don't have a measuring tape? For your underbust, simply check what size t-shirts you are currently wearing and check the cup size of your current bra. This is always a good starting place! We have loads of great fit advice and measuring tips to help you with this process.

What is the best bra to wear?

The best bra is simply the one that you are going to reach for day in and day out - that is why we always have support and comfort at the forefront of our minds when working on our Triumph range. A bra may have beautiful lace and embroidered detailing, but it will sit at the back of your drawer if you know how itchy it feels or how much you have to readjust it when worn. That is why we use the highest quality fabrics for our designs - from cups lined with brushed jersey to stretch lace which is both beautiful and soft against the skin. Read more about our history of design innovations.

How to store bras the right way at home?

To keep your bras in the best condition, we would recommend hanging them on individual hangers in your wardrobe. If wardrobe space is tight, then gently lie them flat in your drawers- just make sure not to squish the cups! We have more great tips on caring and storing your bras here.

How often should you wash your bra?

Remember bras do not need to be washed after every single wear- however, we would definitely recommend giving your bras the TLC they deserve if you have been sweating, wearing strong perfumes or it has been about 3 wears since the last wash. We have some great tips on when and how to wash your bras here.

How often should you change your bras?

If you are constantly readjusting your bra, sliding your straps back onto your shoulders and can see your bra's elasticity isn't what it used to be, then it is time for a new bra! Visiting a bra stylist for a professional fitting every 6-12 months will mean you end up in a comfortable bra that you will happily reach for each day. If you are an avid online shopper, we also have some great tips on selecting the perfect fit when the time comes to cull your old bras and replace with new pieces!

What bras to wear with different tops?

Our padded t-shirt bras are perfect for wearing under form-fitting shirts and tees for a seamless look. If you sport a bigger cup and would prefer a supportive bra that also optically reduces the bust, you can't go past our famous minimiser bras. Wearing a low-cut top? No problem - look for a bra with a narrow bridge, like our Sheer Balconette Bra or try our Beautiful Silhouette Strapless Bra so you don't have to worry about straps showing.





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