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How to Organise and Store}

How to Organise and Store Your Bras and Underwear

Posted on May 03, 2019
How to do

Have you KonMari’d yet? Or are you still feeling overwhelmed by what’s in the depths of your lingerie drawer? Follow our simple steps for practical storing and sorting, and find out when it’s time to say goodbye and replace your lingerie items. By organising your bras and underwear into a system that works for you, your lingerie will last longer. And, who knows, you might discover a long-lost piece you love!

Lingerie storage tips

First, the big cull

Before you embark on your underwear storage mission, use this as a chance to hang onto only the things you love. Get rid of a lingerie item if:

  • It’s faded
  • You never, ever wear it
  • The seams or elastic are going or gone
  • The underwire has lost its shape or pokes through the fabric
  • It doesn’t fit now, or it never did in the first place
  • It’s not comfortable - life’s too short for this

Once you’ve decided what to keep, you’re going to become a bra and underwear organiser, a la Marie Kondo. Creating a workable storage system will help you to see what you have and let you find things quickly. So, after washing your bras by hand (or at least in a lingerie wash bag in the washing machine), lay them flat or hang them by the centre to dry.

Bra storage

Once dry, storing your bras properly will help them keep their shape, especially if they have padded or foam cups. Organising your lingerie will also help you maximise your space and speed up your morning routine. No more digging around to hunt for the one piece you desperately need to complete your outfit.

  • Stack

    If you have room, stack your bras one on top of the other or line them in a row in your drawer. Avoid twisting your bras with one cup inside the other, as it will damage the shape and may disrupt the wire.

  • Divide

    Incorporate drawer dividers, to keep bras, briefs and shapewear separate and use space efficiently. When it comes to folding underwear, go ahead. When it comes to folding bras, save it for your hard-wearing sports bras. Neatly fold these before placing them away in your drawer.

  • Hang

    Create your own special lingerie shop, by hanging your bras from individual hangers. This way, you can see everything easily, and know you’re taking good care of your intimates. Hangers with clips can help prevent sliding straps.

Storing lingerie sets

To save time, and to help you remember what you have in the way of matching garments, keep your lingerie sets together. Tuck your folded panties inside one of the cups and you’ll never have to hunt for the matching item.

Storing by colour

If you’d rather organise your lingerie by colour, divide a drawer into four sections (black, white, nude, colours). Or divide it into two parts, with bras on one side and panties on the other.

When to replace your bras and underwear

No matter how much love you show it and how well you store your underwear, it won’t last forever. Once the fit goes awry, it’s time to treat yourself to some new bras and underwear. Look out for discomfort, cups digging in, stretched straps or gaping in the cup. It’s always best to get professionally fitted when you can. With over 135 years’ experience, Triumph are the experts in the creation and fitting of beautiful lingerie.

Be honest with yourself, is it time to replace some of the pieces in your underwear drawer?