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Triaction sports bras best for high impact workouts like running, HIIT, tennis and horse riding!

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When should you wear a high impact sports bra?

High impact sport bras should be worn for any exercise involving lots of jumping or vertical motion. Running or HIIT classes where you are completing box jumps or burpees can place strain on breast tissue. Reduce bounce and support breast tissue by wearing a triaction cardio sports bra.

What is the best high impact sports bra for large breasts?

The best high impact sports bras for large busts include the Cardio Cloud Minimiser Sports Bra which provides extreme bounce control up to F cups in an ultra comfortable wirefree design. The best underwire sports bra for larger bust sizes is the triaction Ultra Sports Bra which is made up to G cups.

What does high support sports bra mean?

High support sports bras are designed and tested to ensure minimal bounce occurs during high intensity workouts. triaction Sports Bras are tested by the research team at Portsmouth University and classified as Extreme Bounce Control (68% bounce control) or High Bounce Control (50-65% bounce control). For extreme bounce control, we recommend the Control Lite and Extreme Lite sports bras.


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