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Triumph’s Amourette Collection: The History of a Style Icon}

Triumph’s Amourette Collection: The History of a Style Icon

Posted on March 29, 2019
Style, Triumph

Amourette is one of Triumph’s most iconic bra and underwear collections. The beauty and elegance of its lace design is timeless and has defined Triumph’s approach to lingerie: excellence in quality, unrivalled workmanship and the latest in fashion.

Amourette was first launched in 1954

The design was created in collaboration with one of France’s most renowned fashion designers, Maggy Rouff. The haute couture house in Paris birthed the ultimate representation of femininity which saw Triumph’s Amourette bra sport a slim waist and pointed breast lines which was a pioneering design at the time.

Amourette History
It was the Amourette’s breakthrough design that turned this Triumph bra into an icon. Released with an advertising campaign that highlighted the need for fashionable, feminine and flattering lingerie the Amourette collection filled a gap in the market during the mid-20th-century. The softness and sophistication that Amourette became known for saw it quickly rise to global popularity. Most notably, it was worn and adored by the beautiful Naomi Campbell, one of the world’s most famous international supermodels during the 1990’s.


    Amourette lace bras are chic and feminine

    While Amourette continues to produce lace bras that are chic and incredibly feminine, the design of the lingerie has never sacrificed comfort and support to compromise on style. In 2016, Triumph rolled-out their revolutionary soft-touch Magic Wire technology with the Amourette 300 collection. This product feature forged a new way to maintain bra shape whilst ensuring women only felt the comfort of soft fabric against their skin, not uncomfortable wires digging in.

      This product design won Triumph a Red Dot Innovation award in 2015, which celebrates only the most remarkable advancements in consumer products worldwide. 

      This season, Triumph is evolving its iconic Amourette collection once again. This time with some new updates to the styles and shapes available in the Triumph range. The lingerie features an extremely feminine colour palette that oozes elegance and sophistication. Take a look at our Amourette collection to see how this icon has evolved from the hands of Maggy Rouff into the timeless piece of modern lingerie women know and love today.

      Amourette, there is an icon for every woman.