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Australia versus Europe and US Bra Sizing}

Australian vs European & US Bra Sizing: What's the difference?

Posted on January 20, 2021
Fit Advice, How to do, Style and Fit, Triumph

We know that bra sizing is confusing at the best of times, especially when you throw international differences into the mix. All the numbers, letters, styles and brands can be a little overwhelming and many women find this the case. However, choosing the right bra that fits well and feels comfortable is very important for your overall health and wellbeing, so let’s break it down.

Australia/New Zealand Bra Sizing Explained

Bra sizes in Australia and New Zealand are based on measurements in centimeters, with the number representing the band size and the letter representing the cups. Band sizes are measured tightly under bust, cups are measured loosely over the fullest part of the bust.

In Australia and New Zealand band size refers to our dress size with naming in steps of 2 e.g. 8, 10, 12, 14 etc. Each size corresponds with a measured difference of 5cm, for example a size 10 corresponds to the under bust measurement of 68-72cm, size 12 is 73-77cm etc. Your dress size however, doesn’t necessarily correspond to your bra band size.

Cup sizes are represented by letters e.g. AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E with each size stepped with a difference of 2cm. For example, 10A cup size is 82-84cm, 10B cup is 84-86cm and so on. The double lettering can sometimes trick us however, just remember after AA, the size DD is the only other double letter size, in Australia & New Zealand that is.

Also, it important to note that cup sizes are relevant to the band size for example 8A cup size is 77-79cm where as 14A cup size is a larger measurement of 92-94cm. For more on this do check out our detailed AU/NZ size chart within our fit advice section.

US, UK and European Bra Sizes Explained

Now, let’s discuss international bra sizing! The good news is the band size numbers in the UK and the US are the same ranging from 28 to 52 however when it comes European sizing, that’s the bad news! Majority of European countries work on numbers 60 to 120 however in France the corresponding band sizes are 75 to 105.

Further good news on band size is that the measured step of 5cm in Australia is also true in Europe with only a slight difference in the US & UK with a step of 2 inches or 5.08cm.

As for cups sizes, all regions use letters thankfully! Surprisingly too, A to D cups, are the equivalent in Europe and Australia as both use 2cm step measurements. The US & UK tend to talk inches therefore measure 1 inch or 2.54cm between the sizes, making things a little tricky.

Where it gets more complicated is the larger sizing. A DDD in the US corresponds to an E cup in the UK & Europe. In addition to this confusion, the UK double up with FF, GG and HH while US, Europe and Australia progress with single letters in these larger sizes.

Thank goodness you do not need to remember this detail. Our team have simplified converting your international size to AU/NZ, with the international size chart!

In a Nutshell

While there are many international and Australian bra sizing charts we can use for reference, measuring alone does not account for differences in bra style and design and body shape. It is really important to get professional fittings throughout the different stages of womanhood as our bodies and breasts change. A poorly fitted or incorrect bra can not only make you feel uncomfortable but can lead to an array of health problems include breast, neck, back and/or shoulder pain.

Additionally, there are many other factors including cup style, feel, straps, wires which combine to determine the perfect bra for you. At Triumph, we know the right underwear, especially the right fitting bra for your shape, can make all the difference and we’re here to help you find the one. Book an online fitting with one of our bra fitting specialists or visit us in-store today.