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Cleaning Tips for Your Lingerie Drawer}

Cleaning Tips for Your Lingerie Drawer

Posted on May 13, 2020
How to do

While spring hasn’t yet just arrived, the notion to ‘spring clean’ your home thanks to social distancing, self-isolation and the encouragement to #stayhome has bought forward the need to give our homes (and wardrobes) a little bit of extra love.  But where to start? How to declutter your drawer? 


You have probably by now figured out your new ‘working from home’ attire – a balance between comfort and chic, polished yet laidback, luxury and lounge. Comfort underwear has become ever so important during these times, so don’t get overwhelmed tackling the whole closet straight up, start small with your lingerie draw.


Begin by going through your current supply of bras and briefs. Remember, many lingerie items are made from delicate materials and elastic, so if its’ been stretched out of shape and is no longer supportive it’s time to let it go! Haven’t worn it in years? Let it go! But what about your favourite, trusty bra? You don’t mind the tiny holes and fraying…. Unfortunately, there comes a time in every bra’s life when you sadly have to part ways. And this is probably the time to say goodbye.


Now that you have decided which bras you are bound to part with, its time to move on to bigger, better, and comfier beginnings. Need to replace that uncomfortable strapless? Want to introduce some wire-free support into your attire? Why not book a virtual fitting with one of our expert bra fitters. They can provide personalised fitting and style advice without the need to leave your home.


The right storage, love and care can mean the difference between a lasting relationship and a quick fling. So be sure to express your gratitude for all the support they provide by giving each and every item a home. A messy draw can lead to miss-shapen wires, so it's best to stack your bras one on top of the other and avoid twisting one cup inside the other. Special lingerie containers featuring small, organised compartments can help, but you can also create your own, using old shoe boxes, baskets or plastic containers you find when spring cleaning the cupboards. If you have space in your closet, hanging them on hooks or small hangers can also keep them fresh.

Give them the care they deserve and listen to their needs. Machine washes can damage delicate fabrics, as well as exposure to excess heat. Where possible, hand wash in cool water, and if you must, a delicate cycle inside a lingerie bag. Never tumble dry and look to dry them in the shade.


Now that you have accomplished the first step in spring cleaning your style, its time to up the ante and tackle the closet. Keep in mind some advice from the decluttering expert KonMari – commit to the task, discard first (not forgetting to thank each item for serving their purpose), tidy by category (think jumpers, sports, casual, work etc), and finally ask yourself “does this item spark joy?”. And soon, your life will be as tranquil and organised as your wardrobe.