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Conversations With Women who Triumph – Sally Evans - Lingerie Designer}

Conversations With Women who Triumph – Sally Evans - Lingerie Designer

Posted on August 28, 2020
Conversations with women, Empowerment, Triumph

Sally Evans is an expert in lingerie. She is responsible for bringing you some of Triumph’s most-loved styles – the products you see every day on the shelves in the store. Sally shares her wisdom on what it takes to plan and bring a Triumph collection to life, and into your home.

Tell us about your role as Lingerie Designer and Merchandise Manager for Triumph Australia / New Zealand?

I’ve been with Triumph Lingerie for over 18 years now and have worked in a number of roles within the business.  My current role sees me set the direction and tone for the whole of the Triumph group range for Australia and New Zealand. I get to buy ranges, develop niche products for our local market, and best of all I get to work with an incredible team.

How do you decide what global styles and trends are most relevant for the Australian and New Zealand lingerie market?

It’s really about knowing your end consumer, what she likes, what will whet her appetite and get her excited to try something new, while still remaining true to her core needs of fit and function.

What are your tips for planning a new range, seasons ahead?

Don’t lose sight of your end consumer and what she is wanting.  Trends will come and go but you have to stay true to your brand and your customers.

What do you love most about your job?

The team I work with and my customers.  It’s a job that requires input from a lot of people both within our company, our overseas manufacturers, and our retail partners such as Myer & David Jones.

How does it make you feel when you see people wearing a product you designed or bought to market?

I still get a buzz from this, knowing you have created something that is actually being bought and used. For me, the bigger buzz is when a new style goes to market and sells well.  You know you have answered the consumers need and filled a gap in the market.

What is your go-to Triumph bra and why?

Sheer Minimiser for everyday wear.  Such a comfortable easy fit yet still looks quite glamourous. Triaction Hybrid Lite for Sport – gives a fabulous shape and support no matter what activity you are undertaking.

What is your definition of a strong, triumphant woman?

Someone who knows who she is and is confident in her own thoughts and decisions for her life, even if they are outside what would be considered the societal norms for women.