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Finding The Right Bra To Support The 10 Most Common Breast Shapes}

Finding The Right Bra To Support The 10 Most Common Breast Shapes

Posted on March 24, 2023
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When we think of our bodies, it can be hard to remember there’s no such thing as a normal breast shape. We’re worried that our breasts are the wrong type, or too different to ever fit into that new bra we’ve been eyeing. At Triumph, we are here to tell you there is no normal breast shape, and all bodies are beautiful!

We make our bras for a range of breast types, which is why it’s important to find the bra that is a perfect fit. To help you on your hunt for the best bra, we’ve put together a list of common breast types and how to support them. This list is not exhaustive however, so why not book an online bra fitting and find the bra that’s uniquely you.


Athletic breasts have more underlying muscle and less fatty tissue. Since this shape has less breast tissue, you don’t need as much lift. A soft and comfortable style with a touch of support is perfect for this boob type. We recommend a wirefree bra like our Body Make-Up Soft Touch Wirefree Bra or try our Aqua Freesia Plunge Wirefree Push Up Bra for a wirefree bra that also enhances the bustline. For a touch of padded comfort, try our Sloggi Superb Padded Bra

Bell Shape

Bell shape breasts are narrower at the top, and rounder at the bottom – resembling a bell. A full coverage bra works best for this breast shape, with a high level of support and an accommodating fit. We’d recommend a minimizer bra for strong breast and back support with a stylish design, like our Lacy Minimiser Bra or Embroidered Minimiser Bra.


If your breasts are more cone-like than rounded, you have a conical breast shape. When choosing a bra for this shape, it’s important to find an option that won’t leave a gap at the top of the cup. Plunge style bras such as our Style Festive Plunge Wired Push Up Bra help create a fuller, rounder shape, as well as adding an attractive lift. If your breasts are on the smaller side, you might find an option like our Aqua Finesse Plunge Wirefree Bra super comfortable as well.

East West

East West breast type is where your nipples point outward, away from the centre of your body. Padded and push-up bras are a great choice for this boob type as they provide coverage and often give a push-in effect. There’s plenty of great options that can provide this kind of support, from everyday choices like our Pure Invisible Wired Padded Bra to elegant laced styles like our Amourette Charm Wired Padded Bra and Amourette Charm Bra. If you’re looking to go strapless, you can also try our Everyday Essential Strapless Push Up Bra.


As you get older you might find your breasts take on a more relaxed boob shape, with looser breast tissue and nipples that often point downwards. Soft cup bras can be a beloved choice in this situation as they will help contour the breast shape without providing rigid structure that could lead to gaping. For a touch of lace, try our soft cup Amourette Charm Lace Wirefree Bra. For everyday comfort with a little lift, a padded t-shirt bra like the Gorgeous Luxury T-Shirt Bra can be a perfect pick. It’s also important to have a sports bra that will go the distance like our Triaction Control Lite Minimiser Sports Bra so you can be comfortable on the move.


The round breast shape has an equal amount of breast tissue at the top and bottom. This means you can fill out any bra, however it’s important you choose an option with proper support. Our Sheer Wired Bra and Amourette Wired Padded Bra will both provide the lift and coverage you need while also enhancing your natural breast shape.

Side set 

The side set breast type simply means your breasts are further apart, with more space between them. In this case, it’s best to choose a bra with a supportive side sling in the cup that will draw your breasts together. Our Pure Invisible Wired Padded Bra is a great option for those with a smaller breast size, while our Embroidered Minimiser Bra provides the support needed for larger side set breasts. You can also try our new Shape Smart Bra which has easy sizing options for those who are not quite sure.


A slender breast shape is narrow and long, with nipples pointing downwards. It doesn’t mean your breasts are small, but you do have less breast tissue compared to your cup size, so you can enjoy a bra option with more relaxed support. A wirefree push-up bra like our Aqua Finesse Plunge Wirefree Bra can bring comfort along with a little lift. You can also try our Body Make-Up Soft Touch Bra for everyday comfort.


The teardrop breast shape is a round shape, where the bottom of your breasts is just a little fuller than the top. This is a naturally full shape that can be enhanced and supported with a push up or padded underwire bra such as our Amourette Charm Wired Padded Bra. The teardrop boob type also shines with a balconette bra like our Essential Lace Balconette Bra that creates a natural, fuller shape.


Asymmetrical isn’t exactly a breast shape, it just means your breasts are different sizes or shapes from each other. Asymmetrical breasts can be the most difficult to buy for, so we recommend you book an online fitting or head into store. You might need an insert in order to find a truly comfortable option. Our True Shape Sensation Minimiser Bra has adaptable stretch fabric over the cup, while also providing all the support and comfort you’ll need. Our Ladyform Soft Bra can also help your breast size feel more even with its gentle minimiser effect.

Not exactly sure what breast shape you are? You’re not alone! Your breasts are always growing and changing, so it can be hard to keep pace. We recommend you book in a fitting with one of our expert fitters, or use our bra size calculator to help you find the right result for you.