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Is it time to take a break from wires? Four reasons to try wirefree bras.}

Is it time to take a break from wires? Four reasons to try wirefree bras.

Posted on October 05, 2020
Fit Advice, Style, Style and Fit, Triumph

There’s no denying it. One of the most important relationships you have in your life is with your bras. Think about it. Your bras see you at your best, your worst and everything in between. And just like a good friend, a bra can support you in your time of need, help you feel your most comfortable and confident, and be by your side through the many changes in your life.

At Triumph, we’re here to offer our bra-lationship expertise, and help guide you through the many different stages of this relationship. First up, let’s tackle a particularly tricky stage...the break.

Bra-lationship concern - I think we should take a break

If you’re thinking it’s time to take a break, we’re here to help. A break from wire, that is. Here are four great reasons to introduce some wirefree options into your lingerie drawer.

#1 Wirefree helps you feel great all day long

Triumph wirefree bras combine modern design with supreme wearing comfort. With extra flat seams and carefully selected super-soft fabrics, these bras will gently caress your body all day long. Wirefree bras, sometimes called soft bras, are the perfect option for lounging around the house on weekends, lazy sleep ins or just because you don't like underwire. They’re so comfortable, you don’t need a reason. Wirefree bras might just become your new favourite go-to. Try the beautifully soft fine jersey Body Make-Up Soft Touch for a bra that feels like a second skin. Although it’s wirefree, the padded cups help to create a defined, natural-looking bust.

#2 Unwavering support is everything

Whether you’re small or large breasted, wirefree bras are for you! With the right straps, shape and back coverage, you can get all the support you need, minus the underwire. Advancements in technology and fabrics, mean wirefree does not equal saggy boobs. Styles with an inner mesh lining, wider straps, higher sides and a wide under band will help support breasts of any size. There’s no broken promises or dashed expectations with the Endless Comfort Wirefree Bra. This bra, ideal for larger bust sizes, provides reliable and stylish all-day comfort.

#3 Wirefree is adaptable and flexible for your lifestyle

Whether you’re looking for a sports bra, maternity bra or Sunday morning yoga bra, Triumph is there for you with reliable wirefree comfort. Some of the best wirefree bras for an active lifestyle include the Triaction Wellness Wirefree Bra, ideal for your next yoga or Pilates session. Made from breathable, stretch fabric it moves with you, giving you the freedom you crave. For more active pursuits, like running or team sports, the Triaction Extreme Lite is your ultimate wirefree bra support. With 77% bounce control and 3-layer anti-bounce compression, this light, soft bra keeps its shape for a long time. You can count on its reliability. Feeling sexy, rather than sporty? Slip on the Amourette Spotlight for a gorgeous longline wirefree design that’s perfect worn as a set.

#4 Wirefree has staying power

If sustainability is important to you, you might be interested to know wirefree bras can last longer than their wired counterparts. While it's important to regularly buy new bras for hygiene reasons, you won’t have to replace your wirefree bras as often. The wire in your underwire bras will likely make them wear out more quickly, making wirefree a more sustainable option.

When it comes to wirefree bras, the invisible, ultra-soft and smooth sloggi bras in the ZERO Feel series are some of our favourites. Feel the freedom in the sloggi ZERO Feel Bralette, available in loads of gorgeous colourways to brighten up your day. The lace version incorporates delicate lace and the softest edges. Give yourself a virtual hug in sloggi’s super comfy wirefree bras.

So, will you take a break?

If you think you need to take a break from wire, you may find wirefree bras the perfect balance of support and comfort. Explore Triumph’s huge collection of wirefree bras available in a variety of styles, colours and cuts. Whatever style of bra you choose, you’ll always feel wonderful inside and out with Triumph - your new bra-lationship advisor - on your side.