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A Guide To New Year Underwear Colour}

A Guide To New Year Underwear Colour

Posted on December 15, 2021
Product and Care, Style, Style and Fit

The new year is just around the corner, and with it comes an interesting question – what will the colour of your New Year’s Eve underwear be? If you’ve never thought about your new year’s underwear, you’ll be surprised to learn that underwear colour is a well-known new year’s tradition in many parts of the world.

Five women wearing different coloured underwear

In Mexico and other Latin American countries, there is a superstition that the colour of your new year underwear will help bring you what you desire in the year ahead. For example, one tradition says to wear yellow underwear for wealth and prosperity, and red underwear for love and passion.

Along with the superstition of lucky underwear, the New Year’s Eve underwear colours you choose can also be a way to set your intention for the year ahead. It’s a small but significant way of reminding yourself how you want to shape your life in the coming year. And let’s be honest – new year’s is also just a great time to give our underwear drawer a much-needed update.

We’ve compiled the most common underwear colour meanings, so you can set your intention for the new year. No matter which colour you settle on, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our underwear range. You’ll also need to choose a style of underwear that fits your body and your new year’s mood. Bras don’t usually form part of new year’s underwear superstitions but choosing a matching bra colour can complete the look.

New Year’s Eve underwear colour meaning

The idea that colours have meanings has existed for thousands of years. As far back as ancient Egypt, colours already held an important significance. In ancient Egyptian culture, red was associated with fire and blood, and symbolised vitality and energy, while green symbolised growing things, and life.1 Over years and across different cultures, colour symbolisms and meanings have changed. However, colour still has a strong effect on our moods and emotions.2

Ultimately, just like choosing your underwear, colour taste is personal, and the effect a colour has depends on the individual. Choose the New Year’s Eve underwear colour that best suits your feelings for the year ahead!

Red Lacy Maxi Underwear

What does red underwear mean?

Red underwear is sold all year round but is usually saved for special occasions – and that’s because it is such a bright and fiery colour. It’s often said to symbolise love, passion, and romance. Red could be the colour you need if you’re looking for love, want to reinvigorate your relationship, or even if you simply think your life needs more excitement.

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White Lace Hipster Briefs

Why wear white underwear for New Year’s Eve?

White underwear is often associated with peace and harmony. It can also be seen as a blank slate, perfect for a new start in the new year. If you’re resolved to stress less in the year ahead, white could be the colour for you.

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Pink lace hipster underwear

What does pink underwear mean on New Year’s Eve?

Just like red underwear, pink underwear is also often said to symbolise love – however, it does so in a very different way. Pink new year’s underwear is associated with harmonious love and affection, and even strengthening your friendships. Think of it like wanting to give a warm hug to the world!

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Yellow hipster underwear

Why wear yellow underwear for New Year’s Eve?

Yellow is one of the most common colours of new year’s underwear in Latin America, and that’s because it’s said to symbolise money, fortune, and happiness. Lucky underwear is often coloured yellow. In colour theory, yellow is considered a cheerful, warm, and energetic colour perfect for an upbeat new year’s attitude.

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Green hipster underwear

What does green underwear mean?

Green is the colour of nature, so it’s no surprise that green New Year’s Eve underwear means life, wellbeing, and connection to the natural world. The colour green may positively impact our thinking, inspire creativity, and have a calming effect. It’s a great choice for a more relaxed and grounded year ahead.

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Baby blue hipster underwear

Why wear blue underwear on New Year’s Eve?

Wearing blue underwear on New Year’s Eve is said to herald in wellness, health, and tranquillity. It’s a great choice if you want to set an intention to look after yourself and your body and pick up some healthy habits in the year ahead.

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Black lace brazilian underwear

What does black underwear mean on New Year’s Eve?

Black is one of the most common underwear and bra colours, and in colour theory can evoke sophistication, luxury, and power. Choose black for your new year underwear if you’re looking to take charge or regain control over aspects of your life. It signals a serious intention to make a change in the year ahead.

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