What do I need to know before buying my first bra?

What do I need to know before buying my first bra?

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There’s no doubt about it, buying a first bra is an incredibly important milestone. So whether you’re looking to purchase one for yourself, or helping your daughter to find the perfect fit, there are a number of important considerations to make the experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

When is it time to buy a first bra?

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There’s not necessarily an age, time or occasion that triggers this decision. While the age range is common among early teens, each person has individual preferences. This decision may be prompted by physical factors such as:

  • Changes to the breast shape
  • Sore and tender breasts
  • Extra coverage is needed/preferred
  • Support required for physical sports and activities

    However a number of emotional factors may prompt this decision too:

  • Friends are wearing bras
  • Feeling self-conscious about growing breasts
  • Curious and excited about choosing new bra styles

    Where should I buy my bra?

    Did you know that the tissue and structure of your breasts change throughout your life? So regular bra fittings are a great way to ensure that you have an optimal fit. Here at Triumph we recommend getting fitted for your bra every six-twelve months, which is generally the same timeframe for replacing bras in your closet.

    There are many benefits to chatting with an experienced Bra Fitter:

    1. They will assess your current bra to ensure it’s giving you the correct support
    2. Introduce you to a range of styles that you may not be familiar with
    3. They’ll ensure that you have the best fit possible, to make you as comfy as possible!

    Choosing the right bra for you

    When it comes to bra shopping, the perfect fit means everything. Not only should the bra suit your personal style and taste, but it should complement your unique shape. This will ensure that you’re feeling confident, not to mention incredibly comfortable! There are a number of options available at Triumph to support you through this process:

    1. Bra fitting in store.
      Did you know that on average, 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra? Our team at Triumph are trained and experienced with finding the perfect style for you. During a fitting, you can expect them to:

      -Learn more about you! Our team start by learning about your personal needs and preferences. There are many different styles available for a number of occasions such as Training, T-Shirt, Wirefree, Strapless, Sport etc.

      -Measure you for your band and bust size. This can be completed over a tight-fitting T-shirt if you’re feeling shy. Rest assured that our Bra Fitters will always be guided by your comfort levels.

      -Suggest a range of suitable styles to complement your body type and lifestyle needs.

      -Provide you with tips to keep your bras long-lasting. This may include washing them in a mesh lingerie bag, avoiding the dryer, separating light and dark garments, never wringing or twisting and more.

    3. Woman wearing black Body Adapt lingerie set by sloggi
      Online Consultation
      It can be challenging to find the time to physically visit a store. That’s why Triumph launched a private online fitting consultation service that allows you to book a one-on-one personalised fitting via video call with one of their experienced fitting specialists. We help you to take two key measurements to find the right bra size, suggest styles to suit you, share fitting tips and answer all of your bra and fit-related questions. All from the comfort of your own home. You just need 30mins, a tape measure, your mobile phone or computer and an internet connection.
    4. Online Bra Calculator
      If the thought of chatting to someone else makes you nervous, then our online bra size calculator is here to help! All you’ll need is a tape measure, large mirror and a current crop top. After gaining details such as your underbust and overbust measurements, the calculator will recommend the right size for you.
    5. Online Style Selector
      Not sure which style is right for you? Triumph has your back (and front!) with our new style selector. Simply answer a few quick questions about the type of occasion you need the bra for, your breast shape and preferences and you’re good to go. It takes less than five minutes to complete, so what are you waiting for?

    What should I bring to a bra fitting consultation in store?

    With such a large range of sizes, shapes, colours, fabrics and styles available to choose from – it’s always a great idea to check out a brand’s website first. That way you can share your preferred styles with your bra fitter as they’re getting to know you.

    Our team are used to measuring women in their underwear, however you’re very welcome to be fitted in a tight-fitting T-Shirt or singlet. They will be guided by your comfort levels and can even arrange a contact-less fitting experience if this makes you feel more relaxed.

    If you’re looking to purchase several bras, they’ll ensure that each one fits perfectly. After all, you may find that certain styles require a slightly different band or cup size.

    What is a Training Bra?

    Training bras are generally made of wirefree, soft materials that provide light support. Their main function is to provide coverage underneath clothing to support new and developing breast tissue. However, there are a number of styles to choose from including crop tops, wirefree, bralettes and more. Take a look at our bestselling training bras here:

    How many bras do I need?

    While this decision is completely up to you, Triumph recommend a minimum of five bras so that you can rotate them daily. Depending on your lifestyle, it’s useful to own a variety of styles e.g. 1-2 sports bras and a couple of everyday bras in neutral colours. At a later stage you might also like to consider strapless designs too.


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