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Sport & Activewear

Triaction sports and activewear fuse form and function


It does not matter if you like to play tennis or prefer to keep fit doing Pilates, you will enjoy playing any sport in Triumph's range of sportswear. Our sports bras, shorts and leggings have a firm hold and are extremely comfortable to wear − this ensures that you can perform at your peak whenever and where ever you breaking a sweat. Do you want to look modern and fashionable in your sports bra and sports lingerie? Then get excited about the modern designs and innovative technology that characterises the Triumph range of sportswear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the perfect sports bra?

We have created a simple system to help you select your perfect sports bra. Styles in our Cardio category are perfect for high intensity workouts (think HIIT, running, netball etc.) These bras are designed to minimise bounce as you move around the gym, track or court! If you like to stretch out during a yoga or pilates class, our Studio category styles will be perfect for you. Offering the perfect support for low intensity activities, there will be no bulky clips or textures to distract you when lying in Shavasana. View our full range of cardio and studio sports bras online.

How to buy a sports bra for running?

If you are looking for a running bra, our Cardio range of sports bras will be just what you need! These offer extreme support and help control bounce, so are perfect if you are pounding the pavement or treadmill! Check out our great tips on how to select the perfect running bra, in our complete guide!

How to determine sports bra size?

If you wear Triumph styles every day, we would recommend selecting the same size in our Triaction Sports Bras. Keep in mind our sports bras will feel firmer, to give you all the necessary support for your workouts! If you are unsure what size to pick, try our Bra Size Calculator.

What is the best sports bra for large breasts?

Triaction Performance Sports Bra is the perfect option for larger busts, available from C to F cups. Part of our Cardio sports bra range, this bra will help control bounce during high intensity workouts. Bonus is that it comes in a great range of seasonal colours so you will have lots of choices to coordinate with your active wardrobe!

Why wear sports bra when working out?

When you work out (whether it is during yoga or a HIIT class), extra pressure is placed on breast ligaments. Unfortunately for us ladies, straining these breast ligaments can lead to the dreaded 'S' word…sagging. That is why it is important to support breast ligaments by wearing a sports bra when exercising. Read more about how to prevent your breasts from sagging!

How to buy a sports bra for yoga?

At the yoga studio, you want to have a garment that moves with you during yoga flows, feels lightweight and doesn't distract from your yoga practise. Our Studio yoga bras are all perfect options for yoga classes - our favourite is the Triaction Zen Top! We have put together our top tips to help you in selecting the perfect yoga bra.





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