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We at Triumph firmly believe that as a corporation we have a responsibility towards what we affect with our actions that goes beyond delivering our business goals.

In our endeavour for sustainable and profitable growth we commit to conduct our global business legally and in a responsible and sustainable manner that is ethically sound and concerned with the welfare of our people, our communities, our stakeholders and the natural environment.

In our pursuit of this commitment, our actions are led by

  • Responsibility to include stakeholder interests in our decision-making and to ensure that good and ethical practices are observed.
  • Sustainability for future generations by creating economic and social opportunities for our employees and communities while preserving the natural environment.

Through stringent governance and compliance standards we ensure that we apply this commitment and manage any risks that would undermine our responsibility, sustainability or the achievement of company objectives.

This commitment is consistent with our values and principles of honesty, integrity and respect for others. Our culture of continuous learning and improvement, our effective organisational structure and thorough communication will enable us to monitor and control our behaviour to ensure a sustainable legacy for future generations.