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4 Ways to Stay Warm in Winter

Posted on July 16, 2021
How to do, Style

Here at Triumph AU headquarters we are blessed with Brisbane weather, but that doesn’t mean you won’t hear the best of us complaining about the cool Winter changes (…cue groans from our friends in Tasmania!). Days become shorter, warm coats and boots get pulled out from the back of the wardrobe and undressing to shower requires mental stamina. So, if you are someone who feels the cold, read on for our hot tips (excuse the pun) to stay warm this Winter…

1. Wheat bags/ Hot water bottle

hot waterbottle and socks
Your initial instinct may be to switch on the heater, but to save on your electricity bill, try microwavable wheat bags or hot water bottles instead. They are perfect for heating up at night and snuggling into while you watch Netflix on the couch. Cold feet? Try popping a wheat bag under the covers ten minutes before you head to bed.

2. Thermals

Another way to keep warm, without a heater, is to layer up! And we don’t mean just to pile on all your clothes. Try thermal clothing, which are undergarments specifically designed to retain your body heat and make the perfect base layer to any outfit. Do thermals really work? Yes! Concerned they will look bulky, or poke out from under your outfit? No need to worry- thermals are slimline and come in all shapes and sizes, like our sloggi Ever Cosy women’s thermals range. Read on for our styling tips!

Try the Ever Cosy Turtleneck design, perfect for layering under coats.

Fashion styling flatlay of thermals, coat and jeans

The ultimate Winter warmer, sloggi's Ever Cosy long sleeve, crew neck top is perfect under knitwear.

Fashion styling flatlay of cream jumper, thermal top, tracksuit pants

Feeling bold? The tank top works perfectly under lower cut necklines or t-shirts.

Fashion styling flatlay of jeans, thermal tank top and white tee

Made from a blend of natural fibres including Merino Wool, these thermals will truly keep you cosy!

3. Cup of Tea

hand holding warm cup of tea

Unfortunately, our extremities take the brunt of it during cold months. Blood vessels in fingers and toes are most sensitive to cold and constrict, conserving warm blood for your core and away from your fingers. The best way to prevent this is to wear ‘sensible clothing’, i.e., thermals, boots, and coats. But if your fingers are so cold you can barely type at your computer, the simplest solution is to pour yourself a cup of tea. It acts as an instant hand warmer, and it will warm the cockles of your heart as the caffeine increases your core body temperature (bonus!). Make the most of your tea drinking experience by trying a new flavour like Matcha or Honeybush, and don’t forget to accessorise with a thermal cup or mug warmer to keep your brew hot, right at your desk

4. Move!

A quick way to get your blood pumping and warm up your body is to move! Try pilates or circuit training at home, or if you are feeling brave, a brisk walk or run outdoors. But remember to wear a supportive sports bra so you don’t damage delicate breast ligaments (…yes, you should wear a sports bra even when doing yoga!).

Wheat bags, merino wool thermals, warm cups of tea and movement- four failsafe ways to keep warm and cosy this Winter! However, if all our hot tips aren’t quite enough to stop you from going into hibernation, there is always the option to switch on your heater.