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9 quick tips and tricks for working from home effectively}

9 quick tips and tricks for working from home effectively

Posted on March 25, 2020
Healthy Living, How to do, Triumph

Working from home can be great on so many levels. Not having that 45-minute commute to work will save you time and allow you to build in other essentials like exercise.  But, like anything, adjusting to working from home proposes many challenges as well.  Here are 9 quick tips to help you work productively and comfortably from home.

Have a designated workspace at home

If you have the space, dedicate an area – maybe the spare bedroom or a corner of the living room – into an effective workspace.  It will help separate work from play so you can focus and get the job done.

Maintain a healthy diet

With the pantry is now super accessible and nobody to watch you do it, it’s going to be very tempting to get stuck into those packets of biscuits you stocked up on.  Instead, try to opt for healthy snacks like fruit, and make an extra portion of dinner to have for lunch the next day. Make sure you keep hydrated with plenty of water too.

Business on the top - comfort underneath!

While it is very tempting to stay in your PJs all day, you will be in a better frame of mind if you keep the routine of donning your work attire.  However, you can do this with a twist!  With no colleagues around, opt for a super comfy wirefree bra.  The sloggi ZERO Feel range features no wires or fiddly straps, plus it is so dreamily soft, it will feel like you have nothing on.

Keep moving

No longer stuck in that 45-60-minute commute?  Use that time to get some fresh air and exercise.  A brisk walk around the block can help kick start your day and do wonders for your mental health.

Stay in touch

Even though you are working remotely, continue to communicate with work friends on a social level.  Say “Good Morning” to your team each day on your comms platform when you first log in, as you would if you just walked into the office.  Send them a picture of your workspace or your new fluffy work colleagues at home.  Keep the interest and conversations alive.

Light a scented candle

Who doesn’t love it when their work space smells amazing.  Mask the Glen20 smell and invest in a scented candle – perhaps one that reminds you of a favourite holiday destination such as the beach or a lush rainforest.

Create an epic playlist

Supercharge your motivation and focus with an epic playlist. Spotify has already lent a helping hand by creating the epic COVID-19 Quarantine Party playlist. So pop in those earphone and bop along as you slowly reengage with those boring (to-do-list) tasks

Invent new ways of working remotely

Working from home #wfh can be lonely.  However, it also provides an opportunity to invent new ways of working with your colleagues. So talk to your team about creating an online community using platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype Business, Slack or Zoom. Suggest social events such as afternoon ‘Virtual Drinks” and get the creative juices flowing!

Keep the kids entertained

Suddenly taken on the role of teacher as well as your existing profession? Don’t know where to start? Many educational websites are currently offering free tips, resources and lesson ideas to help keep your kids learning and entertained. Teach Starter, The Best Ideas For Kids and Twinkl (use code AUSTRCODE) are just a few to get you started.