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9 things to look for in a new Bra}

9 things to look for in a new Bra

Posted on October 07, 2020
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Are you feeling like it’s time to break up with your bras? If you’re in need of a new hook up, we’re here with the bra-lationship expertise you need to find the perfect match. From what to look for when buying a bra to making the bra-lationship last longer, we’ve got you covered. Check out our bra buying guide with our 9 best tips and tricks for choosing a new bra (or, let’s face it, a few).

Your bra buying guide - what to look for

#1 Get the right fit

First things first. Before you start adding a bunch of your new favourite bras to cart, it’s important to get the fit right. The right fitting bra can make all the difference to the way your clothes sit and your inner confidence.

Just because you may not be able to visit us in store right now, doesn’t mean you need to skip it. You can still experience an expert bra fitting via our new online video consultation service. Our interactive bra size calculator can also help you discover if the bras you’re already wearing are the right fit, from the comfort of your bedroom. All you need is your best fitting bra, a tape measure and a large mirror. You’ll have all the prompts you need to check your band, cups and straps for comfort and fit, plus other perfect fit tips.

Once you know your size, you can shop for your new bras with confidence.

#2 Find the right style

Size, sorted. Next up, style. From balconette to minimiser, push-up to t-shirt, bralette to crop, it’s time to work out what suits you and your breasts. Rather than squeezing yourself into the wrong shape, take the time to find out which hook ups work best for your body. Our bra-lationship experts are in-store and online if want a little help.

#3 Do a bra audit

In the same way you’d check the fridge before grocery shopping, it’s time to do an audit of what’s sitting in your lingerie drawer. Not only that, check out your wardrobe to make sure your new purchases will work with your favourite outfits. Consider staples, like a t-shirt bra, a strapless bra and a sports bra, plus a convertible and something pretty or sexy to get you started. Give yourself enough time to wear, wash and dry bras, too. Here are 10 bras every woman needs in her lingerie drawer, if you’d love some inspiration.

#4 Check the band for support

Guess what? It’s not the straps keeping you in place, but the band itself (think strapless bras for a moment). The band should fit snugly under your bust, but not too tightly. Look to buy a bra done up on the loosest hook, too. That way, as the fabric stretches over time you can tighten it and wear it for longer.

#5 Find out your sister size

Sister sizes are alternate sizes that surround your bra size where the cup volume remains the same, even though the band size and cup letter change. In the same way jeans or shoes are not a universal fit, bra sizes can differ between brands.

For instance, if you usually wear a 12D, for some bras with a slightly larger fit, you could opt for a 10 band with a 10DD cup. The rule of thumb is, if you go up a cup size, go down in a band size and vice versa. So, a 14C is the other sister size for a 12D. Our Sister Sizing Chart can help you out here.

#6 Match your movement style

Choose a sports bra - or two that meet your exercise needs. If cardio is your go-to, opt for styles that have been properly tested to give you the high level of bounce support you need. Moisture-wicking fabrics also help to wick away sweat. For Yoga and Pilates, a crop or similar may be enough support.

#7 Don’t skimp on support

If you have a larger bust, a supportive bra will be super important. As you browse, look for styles with thicker straps and a wider underbust band. Three band hooks - as opposed to a single hook or two - will help keep your bust in line and thicker straps = more comfortable and less likely to dig in.

#8 Throw out anything that doesn’t fit

If the first thing you do at the end of the day is take off your bra, you may be wearing the wrong size. If your wire is digging in, your breasts are spilling out of the cups or the fabric has stretched out of shape, get rid of it. You deserve a new hook up.

#9 Look after your bras

Make sure you take appropriate care when it comes to your new bras. Use washbags, store them correctly, wash them often and wear them on rotation. That way, your bra-lationships will last longer.

Are you ready for a lasting bra-lationship?

Well-fitting bras are the fastest way to body confidence, every day. Get professionally fitted and follow our top tips for a truly satisfying bra-lationship.

For a new hook up, book your online fitting consult today.