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When is it time to ‘Break Up’ with your Bra?}

When is it time to ‘Break Up’ with your Bra?

Posted on September 16, 2020
Female Health, Fit Advice, How to do

There eventually comes a time in every bra’s life when sadly, it’s time to go your separate ways. A time when your go-to favourite bra has reached the end of its life. Whether it’s because your faithful bra has been loved to death, or your body and needs have simply changed, is it time to “consciously uncouple” from your favourite bra?

Research suggests that women cling onto their bras for years, and from a recent independent survey1 we learnt that nearly half (48%) admitted they’ve been wearing the same bra for over three years – eeeeeek!!

And one in five women (21%) revealed they have not purchased a new bra for over five years – goodness me!

But I'm not ready to let go... 

We know that changing your bra is never easy as it is one of the most important relationships that every woman has in her life. Just like a good friend, a good bra can support you in your time of need, help you feel your most comfortable and confident, and be by your side through the many changes in your life however, there comes a time to say “Thank you, next…”!

With general wear and tear, the elasticity in your bra will weaken and the fabric will start to break down, so it no longer offers you the adequate support you need.

Triumph Bra-lationship experts say if you’re wearing the same bra frequently, say two to three times per week over a period of six to 12 months, it’s highly unlikely to be offering the correct support and it’s time to find a new hook-up.

If you’ve lost track of exactly how long you’ve been in your current bra-lationship, these telling signs will help you decide if you deserve better:

  • Bra band elastic is bunching at the back
  • Bra straps are too loose and constantly sliding down
  • Bra cups starting to gape or you are spilling over
  • You’re on the tightest hook and it is feeling too loose
  • Bra wires have gone all wonky or are poking out

It's not me, it's you... 

I know we are all guilty of holding onto those old favourites for far too long, but truly they don’t deserve you.  If you are not 100% certain that your bras are providing the support that you need, get in touch with our Bra-lationship Experts (or Bra Fitters as we like to call them). 

You can visit them in-store or book an online fitting to have a chat about your how your bra-lationship is tracking and what you need in terms of a new one.