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Triumph breast shape dictionary}

Are you wearing the right bra for your breast shape?

Posted on November 18, 2020
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Just like a good friend, a bra can support you in your time of need, help you feel your most comfortable and confident, and be by your side through the many changes in your life. You’ll get the best support with the right bra for your shape.

We’re back with more bra-lationship expertise, this time to help you find your perfect match. Once you’ve nailed your breast shape, you can say hello to looking and feeling your best, while feeling totally supported in bras made just for you.

Bra-lationship concern - Are you looking for bras in all the wrong places?

Your breast shape and size can change as your body moves through different life stages - from teen to adulthood, through pregnancy and many other life stages. While most bra styles can be worn by all women, you’ll find, depending on your shape, some may prove more comfortable and supportive.

That’s where we come in. Did you know your breast shape impacts the styles of bra that suit and fit you best? We are all different shapes and therefore suit different bra styles. Knowing your size is just the first step. Understanding which kinds of bras will give you the best lift, support and comfort will help you feel great every day. With a diverse collection of styles to suit all breast sizes and shapes, we’re here to help.

It’s time to make a match. Scroll down through the nine most common shapes in our breast shape dictionary to discover your breast shape and find the perfect bras for you.

Your breast shape dictionary

#1 Relaxed 

Relaxed Breast shape

Relaxed shaped breasts have a softer appearance. These breasts can also start to hang as they age. This shape is common in larger busted women who have had children or lost a lot of weight.

Bra-lationship tip: Go for a supportive and comfortable bra if your breasts are this shape. You’ll find full coverage underwired styles will help support and lift you through the day.

Some great bras for those with relaxed busts include the True Shape Sensation minimiser bra, Contouring Sensation bra and Gorgeous Luxury T-shirt bra

#2 Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical breast

Asymmetrical breasts have a visible difference in size between each breast. It’s very common among women to have one breast bigger than the other.

Bra-lationship tip: Bras made from stretchy fabric can be good because they expand to fit one breast and shrink to the size of the other. Plunge styles and t-shirt bras will give you the comfort and support you need. If you have a large difference in breast sizes, we recommend a professional fitting with one of our bra experts. You can visit them in store or via our online fitting service.

Bra recommendations for asymmetrical busts include Ladyform Soft Bra, Sheer Minimiser bra and Body Make-Up Soft Touch T-shirt bra

#3 Athletic

Athletic breasts

Athletic-shaped breasts are smaller, firmer and more muscular. They often don’t require a lot of support.

Bra-lationship tip: Balconette and full coverage styles will likely gape at the top, so opt for push-up, padded and plunge styles where you’ll fill out the cup better. Wire-free bralette styles are also a great option when looking for comfort, while Racerback sport styles will help enhance your athletic shape.

Bra recommendations for athletic busts include Body Make Up Essentials Push-Up bra and sloggi ZERO Feel bralette. When exercising, opt for the Triaction Racerback sports bra or Triaction Seamfree crop top.

#4 Slender

Slender breast shape

Slender or narrow breasts usually have the nipples positioned a little lower and often the breasts are wider at the top, getting narrower towards the bottom.

Bra-lationship tip: Bras that lift, hold and support are your best friends. Choose bras with rigid fabrics in style with medium to high centre front coverage, avoiding plunges.

Our top bra recommendations for slender busts include True Shape Sensation minimiser braContouring Sensation bra, Embroidered Minimiser, Body Make-Up Soft Touch Tshirt bra, Gorgeous Silhouette T-shirt bra.

#5 Bell

Bell Shaped breasts

Bell-shaped breasts are just as they sound, fuller at the bottom and narrower at the top.

Bra-lationship tip: Supportive, full-coverage styles all work well for bell-shaped breasts. You can bra shop based on your personal preferences for coverage and lift.

Some great bras that support bell-shaped busts include Amourette Charm Wired bra, Lacy Minimiser bra and Ladyform Soft Bra.

#6 East West

East West breast

Nipples point in opposite directions in this shape.

Bra-lationship tip: An uplift, padded plunge style can help to gather up your breasts and angle them towards the front of your body. A racerback style can also help to guide your breasts frontwards.

Bras that shape and support those with an East West bust include the new Amourette Charm Wire Half Padded bra, Amourette Charm Padded bra, Body Make-Up padded wirefree bra, or opt for one of our push-up styles.

 #7 Side Set

Side Set breasts

Wide set breasts sit towards the sides of the body, rather than the centre of the chest.

Bra-lationship tip: Supportive, underwire bras made from quality rigid fabrics will help to hold, shape and support side set breasts, gently pushing them towards each other to sit in the correct position. A t-shirt bra can also offer gentle shaping.

Bra recommendations for those with side set busts include Endless Comfort Wired bra, Embroidered Minimiser bra, Sheer Wired bra and Gorgeous Luxury T-shirt bra.

#8 Round

Round breast shape

This shape of breasts are very round and equally full on the top and bottom. These breasts generally have natural support but often require coverage.

Bra-lationship tip: Your choice! Opt for a minimiser or full coverage bra to minimise your breasts, or a plunge or balconette style to maximise them. A balconette style will give you the most natural looking cleavage, while a thin, unpadded style will offer you light coverage.

Some great bras for round bust shapes include the Sheer Wired bra, Lacy Minimiser bra, Amourette Charm Wired bra, Body Make-Up Soft Touch Tshirt bra, Gorgeous Luxury T-shirt bra or the Beautiful Silhouette Strapless bra

#9 Teardrop

Tear Drop breasts

Teardrop breasts have more fullness below the nipple and slightly less above it.

Bra-lationship tip: Overall, the teardrop shape is firm and doesn’t require much lift. Most underwire styles, such as balconette, full coverage, push up and bralette will suit this breast shape. The cups of a balconette bra can help even out the shape of your breasts visually.

Our most popular fits for teardrop busts include the True Shape Sensation minimiser bra Airy Sensation T-shirt bra, Lacy Minimiser bra and Amourette Charm Wired Padded bra

What’s your shape?

The search for the perfect fitting bra shouldn't be tricky. We know that the right underwear, especially the right fitting bra in a shape that suits you can make all the difference. You’ll walk taller and feel more confident when you’re wearing the right lingerie. We’re here to help with specialist fit advice, including online bra fitting consults and our style selector quiz (where we consider your shape and style).

Whatever style of bra you choose for your breast shape, you’ll always feel wonderful inside and out with Triumph - your trusted bra-lationship advisor - on your side


Breast Shape Dictionary