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Bra Myths Busted!

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They’re one of the most dependable and important items in our wardrobes, yet countless myths swirl around bras. At Triumph, we're here to offer our bra-lationship expertise and separate the fact from the fiction with seven common bra myths busted. Let’s go!

The Truth about bras revealed

Myth #1 Wired bras are uncomfortable

Like a good friend, your bra should be there to support you. But if it's making you uncomfortable, or is a bit of a pain, it's time to move on. If you can feel the wire in your bra, chances are it's not a good fit. For example, if the underwire is poking into your armpits, it could be that the band is too loose, or the style itself doesn't suit your body shape. This is where expert fitting can help. If sophisticated design is as important to you as comfort, consider the Amourette Charm Wired Padded Bra, which features adjustable, wider lace straps at the front to guarantee perfect support and fit.

Myth #2 The straps do the heavy lifting

You may be surprised to learn that it's the band that provides 80% of the support in a bra. In fact, if the band is sitting correctly under the bust, that is, snugly but not too tightly, the straps should be doing very little (if they keep falling down, it's another sign that the band is slacking off). The ultimate example of the band doing its job properly is in a strapless bra, which prioritises style and support so you have the flexibility to wear what you want. Try the Body Make-Up Essentials Strapless Bra which features smooth moulded cups and a double-layered back for an invisible finish and firm hold and is perfect for a smaller bust. 

Myth #3 Women are the same size in every brand

So, you went and got yourself fitted for a bra a couple of years ago and are now confident you know your size? Wrong. Just as ageing and losing or gaining weight affects breast size, your bra size is not universal. So, before you start adding some of our wonderful bras to your basket, book in for an expert bra fitting in-store or via our new online video consultation. You can also use our interactive bra size calculator to help you discover if the bras you’re already wearing are the right fit. 

Myth #4 Sports bras are a waste of money

Would you wear a singlet and briefs to go swimming? A quality sports bra is designed to minimise bounce and movement during exercise which looks after the all-important Cooper’s ligaments which support our breasts. But, just as with an everyday bra, size and fit are key. It's also important to consider the amount of support needed and the activity you'll be using your sports bra for. If running and cardio is your jam, look for styles such as the Triaction Performance Sports Bra which is engineered for extreme bounce control during extensive movement (and is also perfect for larger bust sizes). If yoga and Pilates float your boat, a crop style like the Triaction Zen Top may be enough support, particularly if your breasts are smaller. 

Myth #5 Wirefree bras don't give you a lot of support

If you're not a fan of wired bras, but are worried that their wirefree cousins aren't as supportive, fear not. While wirefree bras have supreme wearing comfort thanks to their extra flat seams, advances in technology and fabrics mean they can also support breasts of any size. Look out for saggy-boob-banishing styles with thicker straps, large side support panels and a wide underband such as the Endless Comfort Wirefree Bra, which combines stylish support with all-day comfort. 

Myth #6 Look after your bras and they'll last for ages

While carefully washing your bra (using a lingerie bag), storing it correctly and wearing it on rotation will prolong its lifespan, it won't last forever. In fact, it's been said that a bra should never celebrate a birthday. So, if the elastic is starting to bunch at the back and the bra is on the tightest hook and it still feels loose, it's time to break up with your bra. But that means you can go shopping for a lovely new one like the Fit Smart Padded Bra. Bonus!

Myth #7 Sleeping in a bra makes your breasts perky

Finally, while we all kinda wish this was true, wearing a bra while you're catching some zeds will not keep your breasts in shape. Likewise, breast exercises won't lift and shape your boobs because there isn't any muscle in breast tissue. Instead, support those Cooper's ligaments as much as possible by getting fitted and wearing a sports bra when exercising. 

Time for a change?

If you realise your existing bras are failing to make the grade, get in touch with our Bra-lationship Experts, either in-store or via an online fitting





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