How to Get the Best Fitting Underwear

How to Get the Best Fitting Underwear

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Have you ever opened your undies drawer to find that last clean pair are those really bad, riding up ones, that you know you will be constantly adjusting all day long?!  It’s NOT worth it - throw them out and let’s learn how to get the best fitting underwear for you!

The right fit is essential.  Our day-to-day lives are busy and straining enough without having your undies pinching, sagging, rolling, or cutting-in all day.  Here are some all-important tips to get your underwear drawer back on track:

Measure your waist and then hips

Wearing the right size underwear will go a long way towards getting the best fitting underwear.  With a tape measure, measure a) your natural waist & b) the fullest part of your hips, ensuring that the tape is taught but does not dig into your skin.  To be certain, measure again and if you get the same results then jump online to our size chart for briefs. With these two measurements, you will determine your actual undies size.  If you are finding this all a bit too tricky, book an online fitting with one of our experts who can guide you through the process.

Know your body type

Certain styles can be more comfortable than others depending on how you're shaped.  There is nothing more annoying than your underwear creating bumps and bludges if your waistband is too tight or too low.  A high-waisted brief is great for smoothing out your silhouette and also often the best underwear for large hips.  Additionally, if you are donning that special outfit for a red carpet like occasion high-waisted control underwear can make you look and feel slimmer, smoothing everything out.

Look for a firm waistband

If your undies are constantly sliding down, perhaps they are too big or worn out or not the right style.  When choosing new underwear be certain to look for a firm elastic in the waistband, opting for styles with wider waistbands or those that sit higher on the waist to ensure they stay in the right place. Remember, you don’t want them too tight either.  The last thing you need is for them to cut into your mid-section creating unwelcome lumps - it’s all about balance.

Go seamless

If you are about to walk out the door in your hot body-con dress and you catch a glimpse of that visible panty line, back it up and go digging for a pair of seamless briefs! These are a must-have to all undies drawers as without seams they are uber comfortable, feeling like you are barely wearing anything at all and those lines are pretty much invisible. Did you know that seamless briefs are often the best underwear for large bottom ladies, as well as the undetectable, ever comfortable G-string.





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