Which Sports Bra Is Right For My Workout?

Which Sports Bra Is Right For My Workout?

The perfect sports bra should be like your ultimate workout buddy… supportive, comfortable and lots of fun! Whether you’re hitting the pavement to complete a 20km run or sweating it out at a weekly Bikram Hot Yoga class, it’s important that your sports bra has got your back… and your front!

Excessive movement from inadequate sports bras can leave breasts sore after exercising, and over time can permanently affect supporting ligaments and skin. So we’ve asked four women to try and test a number of different styles to give you the ultimate list to suit your specific size, shape and workout style.
Here’s what they had to say:
Woman playing hockey on grass field

Sarah, Hockey Player

Put to the test: Triaction Cardio Cloud Sports Bra

“The Cardio Cloud was very supportive whilst I played hockey. The lightness of the bra allowed me to focus on my game performance without any worry of bounce. I really enjoy the multi-optional straps, allowing me to cross them and customise the fit for my broader shoulders.

I prefer the Cardio Cloud for its extreme support, even with its lighter fabrics and breathability. I will definitely continue to wear it and even like to purchase a second one for training. Hopefully there will be more colours available soon! After a long hockey game the quick dry fabric was great, allowing me to feel dry and comfortable despite sweating throughout the game.”

The Triaction Cardio Cloud Padded Bra is perfect to wear during your next park run or HIIT class like F45 or CrossFit.


Woman riding on horse with sun in background

Amy, Horse Rider

Put to the test: Triaction Extreme Lite Sports Bra

“It was very comfortable right from the start. I didn’t have to readjust the bra at all while wearing.

I liked the comfort and secure hold it provides. I also liked the fact that it had two ways to tighten the straps. I liked the smooth look so it can be worn under T-shirt material and not show.”

The wirefree Triaction Extreme Lite Sports Bra is perfect to wear during cross training activities such as jumping, burpees, running, jumping jacks and knee-highs.


Woman finishing marathon on crowded street

Cheryl, Runner

Put to the test: Triaction Seamfree Crop Top

“Very supportive! The clasp at the back makes it easier to take off than a regular “crop top” or sports bar.

Very comfortable and would be happy to recommend it to my running friends”

The versatile and wirefree Seamfree Crop Top will support you during gentle yoga classes, to more intense running trails.


Woman swimming in pool and wearing bra in gym

Sam, Swimmer and Gym Training

Put to the test: Triaction Racerback Sports Bra

“I haven’t tried the Racerback style before, but it was great with supporting my back and provided plenty of movement during gym workouts.

I liked the overall cut of the bra as it provided more shape than my usual crop top style. The racerback straps combined with the wire provided more support during running and gym exercises.

I would recommend this bra to my friends as I believe it would be good for a range of different activities.”

The Triaction Racerback Sports Bra is perfect to wear during activities such as cycling, hiking, dancing or rowing.

Want to find the right bra for your workout? You can now shop Triumph’s sports bras by activity or support. Find the perfect sports bra for you.





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