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The 8 Must-Have Bras for Your Wardrobe

Posted on May 26, 2022
Style, Style and Fit, Triumph

Here at Triumph, we know that women and their breasts come in all shapes and sizes. However we also know finding the right-fitting bra now goes beyond that. Finding the right bra isn’t just about how it fits in the change room or during an online consultation. It’s about how it fits in your life and how it makes you feel.

Did you know your breast shape impacts the styles of bra that suit and fit you best? It’s important to understand which kinds of bras will give you the best lift, support and comfort. That’s why we’ve created a collection of some of our bestsellers in a number of essential styles for your wardrobe.

How beautiful does content creator, influencer and Mum Natalie @thissweetlife_ look in each design!

The Balconette Bra… Essential Lace Balconette Bra

A Balconette is a padded or non-padded bra with half cup coverage. Its wide set straps are perfect for wearing underneath low or wide necklines.

A Balconette Bra is the perfect combination of support and style! Not only does it lift breasts and provide them with a rounded, fuller shape, but the horizontal design is perfect to wear underneath a number of different clothing styles.

Why do we love the Essential Lace Balconette Bra?

  • Wide set straps, perfect for low or wide necklines
  • Romantic style combined with support!

The Minimiser Bra… Lacy Minimiser

Reduce the bust by up to one cup size with this comfort engineered bra. A Triumph Minimiser bra is designed to reduce bust projection while giving you a more natural, flattering shape without flattening or distorting.

Wearing a Minimiser bra can mean the difference between ill-fitting clothes and clothes that fit. Say  goodbye to shirt buttons that gape open! Designed for those with a fuller bust, the Minimiser features structured full cups for support as well as wider straps for comfort.

Why do we love the Lacy Minimiser?

  • Creates a more natural, flattering shape
  • Reduces bust appearance by one cup size
  • Soft lace detailing for a feminine look

The Bralette… Fit Smart Bra

Bralette styles are the ultimate choice for wirefree comfort and lighter support. Our sloggi collections provide a range of bright and bold colours and designs, from “unfeelable” materials including microfibre fabric, lace and mesh.

Bralettes are great for lounging at home and serve as fashionable outerwear, with many customers opting to keep them visible under loose clothing.

Why do we love the Fit Smart Bra?

  • The ultimate go-to for relaxing at home
  • Wirefree comfort, perfect to wear under loose clothing
  • 4D stretch padding that adapts to your body

The Push-Up Bra… sloggi Wow Push-Up Bra

Triumph’s range of Push-up Bras help to create the appearance of a fuller bust. With clever padding located at the lower end of the cup, breasts are lifted towards the centre of the chest, creating more visible cleavage with a fuller and rounder shape.

Triumph and sloggi offer both wired and non-wired styles available in a variety of silhouettes.

Why do we love the sloggi Wow Push-Up Bra?

  • Clever padding at base, so breasts are lifted towards the centre of the chest
  • Creates a more visible cleavage with a fuller, rounder shape

The Strapless Bra… Beautiful Silhouette Strapless Bra

Triumph’s range of strapless bras are the perfect solution to any outfit. A functional strapless bra allows you to prioritise both style and support, so you can have the flexibility to wear whatever you want and remain in comfort all day long.

The support of any bra, whether it’s a strapless design or not, comes from the band. Triumph’s range features a strong band, no-slip gripping material, comfortable boning on the sides and optional strap options.

Why do we love the Beautiful Silhouette Strapless Bra?

  • Straps can be crossed, tied diagonally or turned into a halter neck
  • No-slip gripping materials to stay supportive all day long
Natalie wears the Black Strapless Bra in front of mirror


The Active Bra… Triaction Cardio Cloud Minimiser Bra

Triumph’s Triaction sports bras are lightweight, functional and stylish, providing the latest sport innovations in colourful designs. Triaction bras are available from the ‘Cardio’ (high performance, extreme bounce control) to the ‘Studio’ (seam-free comfort for lower intensity sports). They’re also bounce control tested by the University of Portsmouth’s world-renowned Research Group in Breast Health.

Why do we love the Triaction Cardio Cloud Minimiser Bra?

  • Lightweight, functional and stylish
  • Bounce control tested! (68% bounce control)

The T-Shirt Bra… Airy Sensation T-Shirt Bra

Triumph T-Shirt bras are a year-round staple and feature soft and smooth materials that highlight your figure, but don’t show under tight-fitting clothing. Fitted, functional and fashionable - the Triumph T-shirt bra is perfect for everyday wear.

Triumph provide a range of styles featuring multi-option straps so suit any clothing styles. They’re designed to be both supportive and comfortable for your bust, and as subtle as possible underneath even the thinnest clothing.

 Why do we love the Airy Sensation T-Shirt Bra?

  • Wired, padded bra
  • Spacer Cup technology allows perfect air circulation
  • Fitted and functional!

Natalie wears a beige Airy Sensation padded bra while brushing hair


The Maternity Bra… Amour Maternity Lace Bra

Triumph prides itself on the expertise and design of its maternity and nursing garments. Extra care is taken with fitting to ensure these bras are of the highest quality. During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts may grow by up to 2-3 cup sizes. However, every pregnancy is unique so many women opt for a bra with stretchy fabric and adjustable straps to accommodate for their changing shape.

Triumph nursing bras feature bands with six hooks to allow for this transition. Triumph nursing bras feature innovative clip designs that fold down for quick, and often one-handed, access.

Why do we love the Amour Maternity Lace Bra?

  • Here’s one for the mamas choosing to breastfeed
  • Band features six hooks to allow for a changing body
  • Clever clip designs that fold down for quick, and often one-handed, access!

And a final piece of advice to remember.... The key to the perfect outerwear is the perfect underwear. It is the foundation and can create the perfect silhouette, whether you are trying to enhance, minimise or give yourself the confidence to take on the day, or night!

Product images of the 8 must have bras