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Breast Changes During Pregnancy: What to Expect When You're Expecting}

Breast Changes During Pregnancy: What to Expect When You're Expecting

Posted on May 31, 2019
Female Health, Healthy Living

Whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting or you’re so far down the track that you can’t even remember what your toes look like, pregnancy is one of the most unique and transformative journeys you will ever go through.

Some of the most noticeable physical transformations you’re likely to experience are changes to your breasts. Providing them with the right care and support during each trimester should be an important consideration in every pregnancy.

Breast Changes in the First Trimester (Weeks 1 – 12)

After the first month of pregnancy, your breasts begin their amazing transformation into milk-producing organs, which can result in soreness or swelling. You’re likely to experience breast size fluctuation and fluid retention over the next few months, so bras that will allow for this will be a godsend!

Bra Tips:

  • Schedule in some ‘me-time’ and head to your nearest Triumph store, David Jones or Myer for a professional fitting. Make sure the bras you choose are fitted on the tightest hook and eye fastenings to allow for growth across the back and diaphragm.
  • To help alleviate pain and sensitivity, do away with moulded, under wired styles and opt instead for soft, wire free bras like the Amour Maternity Lace. Available in nude or black, the smooth drop-down cups make it ideal for everyday wear.

Breast Changes in the Second Trimester (Weeks 13 – 28)

Many women find the second trimester of pregnancy the easiest of the three. You might even feel up to exercising, although it’s always best to check with a health professional before doing so.

Even if you’re feeling a little more like ‘you’, under the surface the changes are still in full swing! As your breasts prepare for motherhood, your nipples and areolae may darken. Little bumps or pimples in the area might also become more prominent, but these are nothing to worry about – they’re there to protect your breasts and help to fend off soreness and infection if you decide to breastfeed.

It’s not uncommon to experience an increase in breast size during the second trimester, which can result in stretch marks. Some women find this disheartening, but rest assured that these will fade and become much less noticeable over time.

Bra Tips:

  • If you’re keen to keep fit during your pregnancy, a good maternity sports bra will help you avoid breast pain and ligament damage. The Mamabel Active Sports Bra is made from breathable mesh to keep you cool whilst exercising, and the high neckline and convertible straps provide excellent support for those active mamas-to-be.
  • In need of some additional every-day support? Give the Gorgeous Maternity Bra a whirl! The padded underbust and soft fabric offer unbeatable comfort, whilst magnetic clips help ease the process of nursing!

Breast Changes in the Third Trimester (Weeks 29 – 40)

By now, your breasts are likely to be larger than before pregnancy – some women will go up one cup size whilst others might jump three or four. Bear in mind that your frame size will reduce after birth, but that the breasts themselves will increase as the milk comes in, so it’s important to make time for regular professional fittings throughout your pregnancy.

If you’re thinking about breastfeeding, now’s the time to stock up on bras with drop-down cups for maximum flexibility. Your breasts might also begin leaking milk, so make life easier for yourself and look for bras that can be easily machine-washed!

Bra Tips:

  • If your breasts are noticeably bigger during pregnancy and you feel you need some light support, you might find it comfortable to start wearing a bra in bed. The sloggi Zero Feel Top, is a seam-free, super comfortable wire-free top, that is light and comfortable to sleep in.
  • Remember, all styles in Triumph’s maternity/nursing range have six rows of hook and eyes to allow for natural changes in breast size throughout your pregnancy. View our Maternity Timeline to see this feature in detail.

Need help with sizing? Find your perfect fit here, or head to your local Triumph stockist for a professional fitting.

Triumph’s full range of Maternity Bras can be found online and instore at your local stockist!