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How to buy lingerie as a gift | Gift Ideas

Posted on December 08, 2020
Gift Ideas, How to do, Style, Triumph

What woman doesn’t love a new set of lingerie. It’s a staple in all our lives, and just as special and unique as perfume or make up. It’s intimate and personal, and if you can choose well, it will make the perfect gift for your girlfriend, mum, sister or that special lady in your life. At Triumph, we have called upon our expert bra fitters and put together their tips and guidance to buying the perfect lingerie gift this giving season.

Tip One: When is the right time to buy lingerie as a gift?

There are many occasions where you can surprise that important woman in your life with lingerie, letting her know how special she really is. Your best friend is a bride-to-be or your headed to an epic bachelorette party. You and your mum are competing in your first fun run together. You have discovered the comfiest bra ever and just want to share the love. And then there’s Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Singles Day (11/11), Valentines Day and everything in between.

Tip Two: Know her size

From band size, to cup size, bra style and support level, there is a lot to consider when purchasing lingerie as a gift. Knowing her size will be the first question you get asked as you peruse the lingerie store, and its also one of the most important factors to get right. If you get the chance, take a peak at the tag inside her bra, or casually bring up a conversation about boobs and bras and see if she will share that information with you. 

Tip Three: Know her style

Each and every one of us is unique, and so are our breasts! You might have an affinity with lace, but that doesn’t mean you friend, sister, mum or partner shares that love too. Finding out her general style, what bras she already owns and the features of those bras will be a big step in nailing the perfect gift. Take note of details such as the cups – are they padded, moulded or unpadded? Does she like her straps thin, wide or with detail such as lace? Is she a fan of bright colours, or prefers to stick to neutrals and black? If you are unsure, then knowing what she doesn’t like will quickly narrow down the choice. For example, if lace irritates her sensitive skin, or she doesn’t like yellow against her skin tone, than these are options to rule out from the start.

Her lifestyle and outerwear can also provide clues. Is she always on her feet and requires extra support for her breasts? Does she like wearing t-shirts, and if so, a smooth, moulded bra might be best. If she is working from home, then perhaps the comfort of a wire-free style will suit. If you know her well enough, you may also want to consider the shape of her bust in order to work out what styles may suit her best. Triumph’s breast shape dictionary is a great resource you can use, outlining common breast shapes and the best styles to suit.

Tip Four: Book in for an online fitting

Did you know, many of our fitters can tell a women’s size just by looking at them! If you are really stuck finding out her size, visit a Triumph store or book in for a virtual fitting. To understand their style, bring along some photos (fully clothed of course!) of the person you wish to buy for, and our fitters can help narrow down what size and bra type might suit them best.

Tip Five: Always get a gift receipt

As much as you may think you know her, sometimes you may get it wrong. Sizes can vary between brands, so you may be a cup or band size out. Or the style is not giving her the lift or shape she desires. Be prepared by keeping a hold of your gift receipt. Triumph offers a 30 day, free return or exchange period so you can have the piece of mind. Still not certain what to buy her? Give her the gift of choice instead, with a Triumph eGift Card