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Bra Gifts for Her

Give her lingerie that epitomises comfort, superior fit and class

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Can you gift lingerie?

Absolutely! Lingerie is a great gift idea for the special women in your life. Try to find out their size from them beforehand, so you can get lingerie that will be both comfortable and supporting for them. Find them something that will compliment their style and wardrobe. If you are looking for style inspiration, you can browse our bestsellers. Alternatively if you would like the recipient to select their favorite styles or items, a Triumph Lingerie gift card might be the best option to go for!

How to gift wrap lingerie?

Part of the pleasure of gift giving is the presentation! We love lingerie that is gift wrapped in a lidded box- try laying down tissue paper, then layer the briefs, followed by bra/s on top. For a final touch, tie a large ribbon around the gift box! Et voila, luxurious lingerie ready for your special someone!

Why does the bride get gifted lingerie?

The link between brides and lingerie started in the 14th century, when lingerie garters were given as proof of consumation. These days, lingerie can be gifted to the bride for the wedding night (we recommend our gorgeous Amourette Charm Lacy Bra) or for relaxing during the honeymoon (we would recommend our super soft and comfortable sloggi Bralettes).


We believe that every woman deserves to have a perfectly fitting bra. No digging in. No slipping straps. No leaving marks. Just pure comfort. Try our Bra Size Calculator to find your perfect fit, or use our online fitting guide for expert size & style advice.