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Tackling Boob Sweat:  What Causes It & How to Prevent It?}

Tackling Boob Sweat: What Causes It & How to Prevent It?

Posted on January 05, 2021
Female Health, Fit Advice, Healthy Living, How to do, Movement, Style and Fit

Summer is upon us, bringing bundles of fun like beach visits, picnics, road trips, ice-creams and rosé – but with all this fun there is a downside: boob sweat! While it is a perfectly normal and natural part of being a woman, boob sweat can be real a nuisance. From drenched sports bras to unsightly rings of moisture showing up like smiley faces on your t-shirts and dresses, it’s also a bit embarrassing. Let’s get to the bottom of why these beads of sweat pool under your breast and what you can do about it?

What causes boob sweat?

When skin touches skin it impedes ability for sweat to evaporate. This means that the area under or between your breasts can accumulate sweat especially for those women with large or ptotic (aka droopy) breasts. The overhang of skin tends to get sweaty with the combination of hot, humid weather, friction and lack of air circulation - making boob sweat a real summer dilemma.

In some cases, boob sweat is caused by hormonal factors so if you notice you are sweating unexpectedly more than usual and/or the sweat has an odour, get in touch with your medical professional. Additionally, if your boob sweat causes more serious concerns such as chafing or an uncomfortable rash with red itchy, irritable or broken skin, contact your doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible.

How to prevent it?

The good news is, boob sweat is controllable. Keep reading for our top tips on how to battle underboob sweat and reduce your discomfort this summer.

#1 Find the Right Bra

The number one tip for preventing boob sweat is wearing a properly fitting bra. A bra should be comfortable and offer good support which includes lifting your breasts away from your chest and keeping your breasts from rubbing together. Also considering the material of your bra is extremely important. A lightweight bra made from breathable material over a padded or silky bra will help prevent sweating. Mesh bras can also be a good option as they are usually thin and unpadded like our True Shape Sensation minimiser bra. Sports bras with moisture-wicking fabric that are not too thick and do not extend too far under the bust such as, the Triaction Performance sports bra can also be effective.

#2 Use Antiperspirant

Yes, I know what you are thinking, boob deodorant? It may seem strange but you can use some antiperspirants under your boobs to prevent sweat - after all that is what they are made for. Many dermatologists recommend a cream or soft solid deodorant however be careful to choose one that won’t leave white marks on your cleavage.

#3 Apply an Anti-chafing Powder

Absorbing powders, like talcum powder or corn starch (both often used in baby powder), are great at preventing chafing and soaking up sweat. Make sure you towel dry the area thoroughly before applying any powder to get the best possible outcome.

#4 Try Sweat Pads or Liners

If you have sensitive skin and/or are reluctant to apply products like powders or creams, bra liners or breast sweat pads are good options for you. Bra liners are small pieces of fabric that you can wear under your boobs to create a sweat-absorbing barrier, pulling the dampness away from your skin. It may sound a little crazy but some women even use panty liners to help soak up the beads of sweat. Additionally, you can use nursing pads as boob sweat pads as they are designed to fit inside a bra cup and are highly absorbent.

#5 Carry Wipes

Although these won’t stop the sweating as well as antiperspirants or powders, basic alcohol wipes when used across your skin, temporarily close the pores to stop excess perspiration. Only a short-term solution, but perhaps perfect before standing up in front of a crowd on a hot day.

For many women, boob sweat is very uncomfortable, annoying and at times embarrassing however if you follow these recommendations, you will be on your way to a dryer, more comfortable summer. Remember towel drying yourself thoroughly and wearing a properly fitted bra are of upmost importance to reduce boob sweat. Book an online fitting today with one of our Triumph bra experts or visit us in-store to make sure you have the best fit for summer.