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Women in Sports: Finding the best sports bra for your active lifestyle}

Women in Sports: Finding the best sports bra for your active lifestyle

Posted on November 25, 2021
Empowerment, Healthy Living, Movement

Summer is almost here, and the lure of beautiful weather means it’s time to head outdoors. With lockdowns easing, now is the perfect time to try out a new sport over the holidays. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve put together our top sports for women to try this summer. Of course, to enjoy sport you need the right support for your body, so we’ve also included our tips to find the best sports bra for your active lifestyle.

Women’s sport is on the rise in Australia1

Girl’s sport and women’s sport in Australia continues to grow. The Tokyo Olympics showcased the talent and passion of many of our best female sports teams, watched by millions of Australians and inspiring many. Women are seeking out sports as a way to improve their health, catch up with friends, enjoy the outdoors, and simply just for fun2.

As of 2017, 68% of Australian girls regularly participated in sports3. However, participation numbers aren’t as high in sports for women, with only 52% of women participating regularly. With so many other commitments in our lives, it can be hard to find time to devote to training or matches. There are also other key reasons why women don’t participate in sport, including cost of facilities and equipment, self-consciousness, social stereotyping, and even problems finding child care4. Despite all these barriers, the majority of Aussie women are still getting out and active in a sport they love. Finding a sport you enjoy can lead to a healthy and rewarding hobby for years to come.

Top 5 sports for women to try this summer

There’s only one way to find a sport you’ll love – get out and try! If you’re not sure where to start, find a friend and take up something new together, or contact your local club and see if they’ll let you attend a trial practice.

  1. Running
    Let’s start with the simplest sport there is – running. Taking up running is as easy as putting on a supportive sports bra and a pair of runners, and heading out onto the road. However, just because running is simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Visit your local running club, push yourself to the limit with a track session, or try for your fastest 5km in a nearby Parkrun.

  2. Soccer
    Soccer is one of the most popular women’s sports in Australia – and it’s not hard to see why5. It’s a great mix of individual skill and teamwork, and of athletic prowess and strategic fast thinking. To start playing soccer, you’ll need to find your local football club. Most clubs will have teams for a large range of ages, from beginner teams to their best female sports team playing in the competitive cups.

  3. Tennis
    Tennis is also a very easy sport for women to start, especially if you have a friend who is willing to give it a go with you. Many local councils have free tennis courts, so you can practice your skills at a time that suits you. It can also be worth having a few lessons to learn the correct form so you reduce your chance of injury when you play.

  4. Cricket
    Cricket is one of Australia’s quintessential summer sports, and with the growth of women’s cricket in Australia it’s easier than ever to find a team to join. To start women’s cricket, you’ll need to find your local club, which you can search for via the play cricket website. Many of the larger clubs have trial sessions so you can see if you want to give the sport a go.

  5. Basketball
    If the outdoor summer heat is a bit too much, an exciting indoor sport might just be the answer. Basketball is a truly dynamic sport that will have you running, jumping, and dribbling from day one. Local teams are easy to find, from social groups to serious competitions.


Women and girls playing tennis, soccer, basketball and running marathon Women and girls playing tennis, soccer, basketball and running marathon

Finding the best sport bra for you

Feeling comfortable when you’re playing sport is vital for an enjoyable experience, and finding a sports bra that really fits can make all the difference. Whether you need a high impact sports bra or just a little support, the perfect fit will not only make movement a lot more pleasant, but it can also prevent chafing and even help solve the problem of boob sweat.

Start by finding the best sports bras for the level of movement your sport requires. When you shop, you’ll notice a division into low, medium, and high impact sports bras. Low and medium impact sports bras are perfect for sports with less movement such as weightlifting, cycling, and skiing. High impact sports bras are made with extra support to control the bounce from intensive sports such as basketball, tennis, and running. Like our Ultra Sports Bra, this kind of bra is usually designed with padded, adjustable straps and a comfortable but supportive underwire.

Next, you’ll need to find the right fit. To do this, you’ll need to find the ideal sports bra for your body.

You can visit our bra size calculator to help find the best sport bra fit for you and our style selector quiz for the perfect bra for your choice of exercise. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

-Find an underwire that fits: If you’re trying on a high support sports bra with an underwire, it should lay flat against the rib cage below your breasts, and not pinch or poke into it. If the centre of the bra is lifting or poking up or pokes out at the front and doesn’t sit flat against your chest, then the bra you’re trying on is probably too small.

-Check the back strap: Look for a comfortable and adjustable back strap that isn’t riding up. A wider strap will usually disperse weight better and provide more support.

-Check the top straps:Wide and adjustable straps will last longer and provide more support. For high impact sports bras, straps that cross over can also be more secure, but often less adjustable. Check the straps are not digging into your skin or slipping off your shoulders.

-Move around: You’re buying a sports bra to move in it, so give it a test! Jump up and down to get a feel for the support the bra will provide.