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Celebrating The Individual}

Celebrating The Individual

Posted on October 17, 2022
Empowerment, Style and Fit, Triumph

Introducing the all-new Triumph Lingerie: Celebrating the individual

Every woman is different and that’s something we want to celebrate. That’s why we’ve recently refreshed our brand: to better embody our mission of helping women embrace their individuality.

We’re here for every body

For over 135 years, Triumph has been synonymous with quality and fit. Today, we’re also celebrating individuality. From the products we make to the experiences we craft; we want to honour the uniqueness of every woman and every body. As a brand that’s been an intimate part of women’s lives for generations, we know we have an important role to play. The lingerie category traditionally speaks to how women look. How the lingerie fits the body. How it enhances, eases or supports. It’s now time to capture how women want to feel – beyond physical expectations and needs. With this in mind, we set about redefining the meaning of intimacy – and the Triumph brand – by showcasing how our designs move with and adapt to different bodies and lifestyles. From everyday comfort to special occasion apparel, our collections strive to be as diverse as the lives women live.

We’re here for authenticity

We know that we create innovative products that feel made-to-measure. But it’s also important that we’re able to celebrate who we are and what we stand for. Along with a more contemporary logo and colour palette, we’ve also updated our imagery to capture our lingerie moments more authentically: more diversity, minimal retouching, and an emphasis on featuring natural poses that celebrate the beauty of every shape. We collaborated with models with different ethnicities and body shapes to reflect and celebrate the diversity of our community., Across our website , three different sizing options demonstrate how each product looks in real life.

We’re here for you

Refreshing our brand was simple, because it’s been designed for you. At its core, it’s about moving beyond a one-to-many approach towards a one-to-one relationship. By doing so, we’re able to build an inclusive community that celebrates who you are:

  • You know exactly what you want
  • You’re conscious about your choices
  • You leave room for spontaneity
  • You want form and function
  • You believe in a beautiful way of living

    We encourage you to explore the new Triumph and find the freedom to be yourself.

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