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Looking to have a memorable Valentine’s Day? Discover our top 10 date ideas}

Looking to have a memorable Valentine’s Day? Discover our top 10 date ideas

Posted on February 04, 2022
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The Top 10 Date Ideas for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2022 is fast approaching and while most states across the nation are emerging out of lockdowns and back to normality, Triumph has put together a list of dates to suit those looking to head out on the town, are long-distance or want to have a quiet and intimate night in.

#1 Glamping & Tiny Homes

Like (or dislike) camping, and want something a little more high-end? Glamping gives you the joy of the outdoors with the almost guarantee of being able to charge your phone and have access to a toilet. There are many options around Australia, including Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. If you’re okay going off the grid but still want a bed, tiny homes have risen in popularity. Like the name implies, these are smaller versions of your bulk standard house, often architecturally beautiful and more eco-friendly in stunning locations. Snuggle up with a loved one in either location (with the Amourette collection being the perfect accompaniment).

#2 Galentine’s Day

Gather your gang (virtually or in real life) and have a Galentine’s Day Leslie Knope style on February 13th (as is the Parks and Recreation tradition). The options are endless - bottomless brunch, paint and sip (which can be sent to your house and done virtually), have a spa day or go to a cat cafe (spinster cat lady stigmas be damned). Can’t see your favourites for any reason? Show them you appreciate them by sending a gift. LVLY and Hamperly are both Australian businesses you can use to shower the love.

#3 Embrace Fun

Who said your Valentine’s date had to be serious? Karaoke is a winner with friends and partners alike. Paired with running through an arcade or a highly competitive game of mini-golf, what isn’t there to love? While there are arcades in most majorly populated areas, Melbourne has just opened a 2000 square metre “Funderdome”, which also houses mini-golf and karaoke. For those not lucky enough to be nearby, mini-golf chain Holey Moley has 18 locations and drinks on tap. Arcades and mini-golf in particular are also great options for those with young kids if they're not at the stage for a babysitter or you’d rather have a family day out.

Woman eating at entrance of glamping tent
Two women eating pizza and drinking wine at restaurant


#4 Movie Marathon

Solo, in love or with friends and family, a movie marathon is always a Valentine’s Day surefire win. Snuggle into your comfies (may we suggest a bra from our wire-free collection), make a fort and watch a stack of your favourite movies. Who said it needs to be romance? If you or your fellow movie watchers want to watch all 12 hours of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, treat yourself. More conventional? Think The Notebook, 10 Things I Hate About You, Pretty Woman and The Proposal. Why not prepare a charcuterie board beforehand with some homemade cocktails instead of just typically ordering takeaway to make it just a little fancy.

#5 A Crawl of Your Favourite Spots - Scavenger Hunt Style

Think pub crawl, but going down memory lane. These locations have passed your requirements and are almost guaranteed wins, so why not write down all your favourite locations on pieces of paper and pick them out of a jar. Make a day out of it, or if too far apart, make a week! If you want to go the extra mile hide momentos or clues as to where the next spot might be at each location. If the spots involved are bars or restaurants you might want to consider picking in advance so you can guarantee a booking. Happy scavenging!

#6 Recreate Your First Date

The first date. The jitters, the excitement. Recreating this is always romantic and an absolute Valentine's cliché. But there is nothing wrong with a cliché! If you can’t reminisce where your actual first date was for whatever reason, plan a new one around what you did the first time, or look at where you had your first drinks, first date night or first kiss instead. For those long distance lovers, have your date virtually and discuss the same topics, or eat the same food. If the spots involved are bars or restaurants, consider booking in advance to make sure you get a spot!

Two people laying on couch with tv remotePicnic layed out with wine glasses on grass


#7 Up the Competitiveness in a Group Date

Group dates are a fun way to spend Valentine’s, and have an added bonus of widening what is available to do. From board game nights to wine tasting to paint ball, the options are endless. For those a bit more computer or console literate, videogames are always a popular option but be warned that games like Mario Kart can end friendships. Some have the added bonus of being able to be played long-distance and can include the kids if you can’t get a babysitter either.

#8 Great Valentine’s Day Cook-off

We all know the endearing Great British Bake Off. Why not recreate this at home against your partner with one taking main and the other dessert, either testing something new or going back to old faithfuls. Once you’ve made a mess in the kitchen and of yourselves, clean up and dress formally (may we suggest our Valentine’s edit - who said going out was the only time you could dress up). For those long distance, dress up and both make a main dish competitively, and see who turns out to be the best cook.

#9 Embrace Culture

There are so many opportunities for cultural activities around Australia right now from musicals like Hamilton to going to a pottery class and trying to re-enact Ghost. Paint and sips have also become a popular choice and can be ordered home for those long-distance, meaning only you are faced with the questionable art you produce at the end. Want to go to a concert or opera? Why not dress fancy (may we suggest our Lunar edit) and make it a night out on the town.

Outdoor area layed out for picnic
two people hiking on walking trail


#10 First Date

Single? Why not bite the bullet and go on a first date on Valentine’s Day? Try a long walk or hike (may we suggest our Triaction collection) giving you both ample time to chat. Maybe plan a picnic at the end as a reward for all that hard effort. Alternatively, avoid the exercise and plan a coffee (or tea) date and play 20 questions. Either way is a Valentine’s Day well spent.

These are our top 10 date ideas for Valentine's Day 2022! Triumph hopes you have a wonderful day and enjoy whatever you choose to do, regardless of relationship status.

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